Comprehensive English

Students can apply to study English writing, reading, listening and speaking at the Advanced, Intermediate or Beginner level for university admissions, personal growth, or to improve your communication and public speaking skills for two weeks at either Cambridge University or Oxford University. 

Students are met by a team of tutors who assess each student’s level of proficiency and split them into smaller groups to ensure an optimal cohort for improving the student’s linguistic capacity. In a most fun and enjoyable manner, students spend their time workng on their language in and outside of class, whilst exploring the University and City of Cambridge or Oxford and its neighbouring towns and villages! Students also get to enjoy a day in exciting London exploring the city and some of the most famous tourist sites in the world!

Students will learn in both formal and informal settings during approximately 50 contact hours.
Students will be enrolled in one of the three levels offered, but may be moved to a more suitable level (if applicable) during the first three days of the programme: Advanced, Intermediate, or Beginner.

Students receive a report and a grade for their course at the end of the programme.