Orientation to UK Universities

For students interested in learning about, or improving their application to UK universities, we offer Orientation to UK Universities! Students can attend for one or two weeks and benefit from advice and skills development first hand in a culturally immersive atmosphere!

Our class sizes for such groups are small and individualised attention is what sets us apart from other programmes!
(Offered at Oxford University – Dates: July 24th – August 6th, or July 24th – August 13th, 2016)

Students can choose to enrol in a very intensive one- or two-week programme focusing on the undergraduate application process as well as on orienting students to UK universities.

Students will attend daily intensive sessions on the UK universities system, the programmes on offer at major universities, the Foundation Year, entrance requirements, university rankings and strengths of different universities being considered by students, the campus and social life at universities and what to look for when finalising university choices.

During the optional second week, students will be offered intensive sessions on soft skills development (independence, self-reliance, communication, etc.), interview skills, and writing skills for developing a convincing personal statement.  Finally, students will visit different universities (depending on the majority interests of the student cohort).