Scholars Programme

For academically driven students, we offer the Scholars Programme for two or three weeks, at Oxford University, focused on diverse academic courses and much more.

All students must arrive on July 24th

Two-week programme
July 24th – August 6th, 2016
Three-week programme
July 24th – August 13th, 2016

Our cohort sizes for such groups are small and individualised attention is what sets us apart from other programmes!

The Scholars Programme is a two- or three-week academic enrichment programme hosted at Oxford University.  As a student, you enrol in an exciting course of your choice – and over the course of two or three weeks, attend seminars, engage in tutorials and small group discussions on pertinent aspects of your course.

The two-week option: students meet with their course tutors for an approximate total of 30 contact hours over two weeks and receive a brief report on their progress – but no grade.

The three-week option:  students meet with their course tutors for a total of 45 contact hours over three weeks and receive a comprehensive report on their progress as well as a grade for their contribution and effort.  This option requires students to develop a formal course essay as well as a final presentation which is delivered in front of a panel of external judges in a most impressive and formal setting – at the Oxford Union – allowing students to really indulge their organisational, critical thinking and presentation skills!

Students registered for the three-week option take advantage of all the social and cultural opportunities Oxford and its environs have to offer!  The three-week Scholars Programme is the most enjoyable and fulfilling opportunity to delve deep into a subject of your interest, and is ideal for students who are high academic achievers, and for those interested in taking the utmost advantage of everything Oxbridge Summers has to offer!

Scholars Programme – Courses

Oxford and Cambridge Universities are famous for their tutorial-style study sessions where a student, or small number of students, come prepared for tutorials and tutors ‘facilitate’ or ‘supervise’ these sessions through guided discussions and with a focus on encouraging students to think critically and learn interactively. These sessions provide an excellent platform for problem solving, independent thinking, and debate.

At Oxbridge Summers’s Scholars Programme, we close a course when a maximum of nine students are enrolled.  The Scholars Programme ensures that tutorials offer students the chance to apply themselves. These sessions are intensive and are facilitated by tutors who are all closely involved with research in the subject areas they teach.

Courses are varied and diverse. Typically, we offer a selection of courses from the following course categories:
Science and Engineering, Business, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Humanities, and Languages

Course Options

Diverse courses will be offered at Oxford during the Summer of 2016 (little or no prior knowledge of subject area is required. Student should be prepared to read extensively for tutorials) – students are required to identify three courses of their choice in their applications.  Students are placed into one of their preferences according to availability and priority.

Independent Study
Students sometimes require a particular course to complete graduation requirements or for other reasons.  Students may request to enrol in a course developed independently for them.  However, an extra charge does apply and the decision to offer such a course is upon the discretion of the Academic Committee at Oxbridge Summers.

 N.B. Oxbridge Summers reserves the right to make amendments to the course descriptions, as well as changes to the course offerings and selection of tutors offering the courses at any time prior to or during the course of the programme.