The course plans and course options for all three programmes at Oxbridge Summers – the Scholars Programme, Orientation to UK Universities and Comprehensive English – are described in detail below:


Oxford and Cambridge Universities are famous for their tutorial-style study sessions where a student, or small number of students, come prepared for tutorials and tutors ‘facilitate’ or ‘supervise’ these sessions through guided discussions and with a focus on encouraging students to think critically and learn interactively. These sessions provide an excellent platform for problem solving, independent thinking, and debate.

At Oxbridge Summers’s Scholars Programme, we close a course when a maximum of nine students are enrolled.  The Scholars Programme ensures that tutorials offer students the chance to apply themselves. These sessions are intensive and are facilitated by tutors who are all closely involved with research in the subject areas they teach.

Courses are varied and diverse. Typically, we offer a selection of courses from the following course categories:
Science and Engineering, Business, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Humanities, and Languages

Course Options

The following courses will be offered at Oxford during the Summer of 2016 (little or no prior knowledge of subject area is required. Student should be prepared to read extensively for tutorials):

Archeology: An Introduction
Anthropology: An Introduction
Art and Architecture
Neuroscience: An Introduction
Molecular Biology: An Introduction
Introduction to Law and Legal Studies
Introductory Robotics
Basics of Botany
Chinese Studies: An Introduction
English Literature: The Novel through the Ages
Economics and Politics
Fundamentals of Business and Entrepreneurship
Geography: an Interdisciplinary Approach
History of Art: a Global Overview
Language of Nature: Mathematical Structures and the Laws of Physics
Literature and Literary Figures of Oxford
Poetic Voices: an Exploration of English Poetry
Power and Politics
Public Speaking
Topics in Psychology
Workshops in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics)

Languages (are offered only at the Beginners Level):

Students are required to identify three courses of their choice in their applications. Students are placed into one of their preferences according to availability and priority.

Independent Study
Students sometimes require a particular course to complete graduation requirements or for other reasons. Students may request to enrol in a course developed independently for them. However, an extra charge does apply and the decision to offer such a course is upon the discretion of the Academic Committee at Oxbridge Summers.

N.B. Oxbridge Summers reserves the right to make amendments to the course descriptions, as well as changes to the course offerings and selection of tutors offering the courses at any time prior to or during the course of the programme.


This is a fixed programme, with all students attending the same sessions.  Students can choose to enrol in a very intensive one- or two-week programme focusing on the undergraduate application process as well as on orienting students to UK universities.

Students will attend daily intensive sessions on the UK universities system, the programmes on offer at major universities, the Foundation Year, entrance requirements, university rankings and strengths of different universities being considered by students, the campus and social life at universities and what to look for when finalising university choices.

During the (optional) second week, students will be offered approximately 9 contact hours of intensive sessions on soft skills development (independence, self-reliance, communication, etc.), interview skills, and writing skills for developing a convincing personal statement. Finally, students will visit at least two different universities (depending on the majority interests of the student cohort) to gain a firsthand understanding and feel for a UK university!  These trips will typically focus on one London university as well as one other university outside of the London University system.

All students will take part in social and cultural enrichment activities throughout their time at Oxbridge Summers!

Students can apply to study English writing, reading, listening and speaking at the Advanced, Intermediate or Beginner level for university admissions, personal growth, or to improve your communication and public speaking skills for two weeks at either Cambridge University or Oxford University.  Students will learn in both formal and informal settings during approximately 50 contact hours.
Students will be enrolled in one of the three levels offered, but may be moved to a more suitable level (if applicable) during the first three days of the programme.
Broadly speaking, the levels correspond to the following levels of proficiency:
IELTS guide: 5.5-7.0*
Student has good command of English but speaks and writes with inaccuracies and sometimes misunderstands.  Language use is not extremely sophisticated even though student can tackle complex concepts.  Although student is able to communicate well, it is obvious from spoken and written English that s/he is not a native speaker.
IELTS guide: 4.0-5.5*
Student has some command of English but speaks and writes at a basic level, and generally finds it difficult to follow a lengthy discussion on a complex subject.
IELTS guide: 3.0-4.0*
Student has very basic command of English, lacks confidence, and finds it difficult to communicate verbally or in writing.
IELTS score guides are only used indicatively as a guide – Oxbridge Summers may choose to enrol students differently and according to their own criteria.