Director’s Message

Dear Prospective Student, Parent,

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Oxbridge Summers, one of the most global summer programmes at Oxbridge, inaugurated in July of 2011 at Cambridge University and hosted also at Oxford University since the Summer of 2013. 

We are extremely proud of our successes so far, not least because our students and parents surveyed have unanimously rated us “Excellent” over the years…  we certainly take great care to ensure that we offer a truly unique and enjoyable experience for all.

My colleagues and I are very excited to offer gifted and talented young students from around the world the opportunity to participate in Oxbridge Summers at both Oxford and Cambridge.  Our past summer experiences have been absolutely wonderful, with students coming to us from all over the world and contributing to the programme in so many ways – beyond the academic experience.

We provide a unique opportunity for students who are interested in broadening their horizons and experiences!  Oxbridge Summers has certainly evolved in the five years we have opened our doors to studens – and now we are proud of a programme that is unique in the class sizes we boast of, and one that is especially designed to allow young adults a chance to explore a variety of disciplines, with special emphasis on a global education offering courses in world civilizations and languages as well as the sciences, arts and humanities, mathematics, engineering, business, languages, and social sciences! Students interested in learning more about UK universities are now also welcome to Oxbridge Summers, for an in-depth and informed orientation especially designed for them!

The tutors at Oxbridge Summers are also an inspiration in themselves – they are typically scholars pursuing their own unique research interests at Oxford or Cambridge or other renowned university. They add immense value to our programme and to the learning experience of the students. Similarly, our administrative team is well experienced and prepared to supervise the students adequately to ensure their safety, comfort and wellbeing. 

As someone familiar with the excitement and inspiration arising from being surrounded by a history of learning and an idyllic environment, I urge you to consider taking advantage of this unique opportunity.  I hope we can act as catalysts of inspiration to the young students attending Oxbridge Summers!

I look forward to hearing from you and to welcoming a dynamic Class of 2016 to Cambridge and Oxford next summer!

Most sincerely,

Asma A. Siddiki (DPhil, Oxon)
Director, Oxbridge Summers

About the Team

Dr. Asma Siddiki – Founder


Dr. Siddiki is the Founder of Alpha1Education, which organizes Oxbridge Summers, and has been involved in the education and higher education sectors for the past twenty years.  She most notably held leadership roles at universities in their early stages of development focusing extensively on student services, institutional effectiveness, organizational development, and global institutional partnerships.

Dr. Asma Siddiki received a Doctoral degree from the University of Oxford (DPhil, 2002) in Cognitive Development from the Department of Experimental Psychology and an M.St. in General Linguistics and Comparative Philology (M.St., 1998).

Dr. Siddiki has recently been recognized for her professional achievements and contributions to society by the World Economic Forum, Davos, as a Young Global Leader (YGL – Class of 2014).

Sharmaine Malik – Senior Manager of Programs and Administration


Sharmaine Malik is Senior Manager of Programs and Administration for Alpha1Education and its academic, cultural and social enrichment programs and tours. She provides leadership and strategic direction for coordination and operational functions, and directly oversees the management, welfare and supervision of students, staff and tutors, and is responsible for the management of all administrative duties pertaining to the programs including planning and maintaining schedules. Miss Malik is also engaged in the governance of welfare issues and concerns as well as the safety and security of students in residential dormitories.

Miss Malik exemplifies Alpha1Education’s commitment to helping support, supply and solicit the learning and scholarship of international students from around the world.

Miss Malik holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Linguistics from King’s College University of London.

Irina Lepadatu – Programme and Admissions Manager


Irina Lepadatu joined the Oxbridge Summers team at the beginning of 2014. She has a background in Human Rights and Democracy (MA) and Public Administration (MSc) after having studied in four countries (the Netherlands, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Romania). Irina is currently working as a lab manager at the University of Oxford.

James Cetkovski – Academic Coordinator


James Cetkovski has been the Academic Coordinator at Oxbridge Summers for the past two years. He is a third year doctoral student in English at Oxford University (New College), where he researches American literature. Recent publications and conference presentations have addressed the relationship between the expansion of higher education in the twentieth century and the literature and culture of the postwar United States. He also represents the university in squash, for which he received a Full Blue.

Lin Li – Student Welfare Coordinator


Lin Li is a final-year PhD student in English at the University of Cambridge. Her research deals with inter-disciplinary resonances in twentieth-century visual art and drama, specifically in relation to the form of the human figure. She has previously taught film studies at the National University of Singapore, where she completed her first two degrees concentrating on the dramaticules and poetry of Samuel Beckett.