Enjoying Cambridge

Oxbridge Summers at Cambridge is hosted at the University of Cambridge, and students are housed in university accommodation in order to fully appreciate the experience.

The City of Cambridge is famous as home to the University of Cambridge, one of the world’s leading centres of excellence – and in fact, frequently ranked as the world’s best university. With over sixty Nobel Laureates to boast of (some sources claim more than eighty), Cambridge University is proud of its status as the university with the most affiliations with Nobel prize winners. Famous Cambridge names and discoveries are scattered across the pages of history.

At Cambridge, Oxbridge Summers allows each student to experience life as an independent university scholar, enjoy the opportunity to engage with other students from diverse backgrounds, and occupy his/her time in the pursuit of learning.

The programme is interspersed with a delightful range of opportunities for enjoying all that the University of Cambridge has to offer.  Students benefit from group activities and study tours in the beautiful historical city of Cambridge and beyond.

Additionally, we schedule several activities and visits for our students to engage them in the culture of their surroundings.   In Cambridge, students enjoy a visit to the famous Fitzwilliam Museum early in the programme, to marvel at its unparalleled collections, manuscripts and art. They also take a tour of the historical colleges of Cambridge, learning about the many discoveries and achievements of its scholars, and also see its scenic beauty by engaging in a punting tour on the River Cam on a leisurely evening while munching on their packed dinner! Each summer, we have also provided our students with the immensely enjoyable evening of a picnic in an idyllic Cambridge college garden whilst watching a garden play being performed!

We offer several opportunities to enjoy the nearby sights of Cambridge as well. The historical town of Ely with its architectural beauties is another of our visits enjoyed by the students, as is countryside walking, sometimes even to the nearby village of Grantchester, where famous Cambridge men and women used to visit for their afternoon tea, a quintessentially British custom.

A trip to London is, of course, a highlight of the Cambridge programme!