Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that may prove helpful to you:

When is the application deadline?
Admissions are on a rolling, first-come-first-serve basis (as long as students are eligible).  Our admissions close when we reach capacity for a course or the programme, typically in May.  We urge students to apply at their earliest convenience to avoid disappointment.

On what basis do you admit students?
We admit a student if he or she satisfies our eligibility criteria and submits a complete application form. Most specifically for the Scholars Programme, we check the application for indication that the student is very keenly interested in attending, and has demonstrated a love of learning through his or her academic or other interests.  We also want to make sure that the student’s record shows that he or she is going to be a valuable member and contributor to the social aspect of the programme – someone who will be a peer to his or her fellow students. Because we encourage diversity, we welcome students who demonstrate diversity of background and interests.

Is this a programme for students from a particular country or region?
Absolutely not!  All students are welcome to attend Oxbridge Summers!  In fact we have an excellent recrord of diversity.

Do I get credits at school for attending Oxbridge Summers?
The decision to award you credits for attending rests with your school. We can certainly provide you with all of the necessary documents to support your application for credit, and will be happy to communicate with your school accordingly if requested.

How are scholarship candidates chosen?
Scholarships are offered on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis, as long as the applicant satisfies the eligibility criteria, and as long as there are scholarships available.

Are the rooms en-suite?
Rooms may or may not be en-suite.  Typically, students share the common toilets and shower stalls available on each staircase (at Oxford) or corridor (at Cambridge) between two to six people.  Some rooms do have en-suite facilities however – but rooms are allocated in a random fashion.

Will I have internet in my room?
Yes, internet (Wi-Fi) is available.

Do I have to bring my own laptop?
Yes. Students are required to bring their laptops to the programme – especially the Scholars Programme.

What are the tutors like? What are their qualifications?
The tutors at Oxbridge Summers all have excellent academic credentials, with most pursuing their postgraduate or doctoral research at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, or else at another prestigious Russel Group or North American university of repute. They are friendly and engaging, and very keen on making sure that students benefit from the small group size by asking thoughtful questions, engaging in dialogue, and expressing their opinions.

Does the letter from my school (for my application) have to be in English?
The letter from your school to support your application can be in English, French or Arabic.  For any other language, please confirm by emailing our admissions office.

Can I change my subjects mid-way if I think another course is more suitable for me?
It is possible to change your subjects only before the beginning of the programme, and if there is availability in the course/s of your choice.  The only exception made to this rule is for the Comprehensive English programme, where we may, at our discretion, choose to move a student to a level better suited to his/her linguistic capabilities.

What is the workload and how much independent work are we going to have each day?
The workload varies for each course, but typically requires some reading on a daily basis, as well as regular assignments for the tutorials.  Students have to manage their time well, otherwise they find themselves a little overwhelmed as the days go on!

Do I get a report or certificate at the end of the programme?
Yes, you do indeed! At the end of the programme, each student receives a Certificate which lists the course taken by the student. Reports are also mailed to the students after the completion of the programme which provide an overview of the student’s contribution and progress in his/her course. A separate, less detailed ‘Recommendation Letter’ is also provided to the students upon request for college and university applications (only applicable to the Scholars Programme – three-week option).

Will I be graded for my courses?
It depends on the duration and particulars of the programme you choose.  Please review the programmes at Oxbridge Summers to confirm.  If applicable, grades are included for the course in the student’s report.

What happens in case I’m ill or in case of injuries/accidents?
In case of injury or serious illness, students are immediately taken to the Accidents and Emergency Department of the John Radcliffe Hospital (Oxford) or Addenbrook’s Hospital (Cambridge). Otherwise, a First Aid box is available in the Oxbridge Summers Office, as are over-the-counter medicines for coughs, colds and minor aches and pains.

How much, and what kind of supervision are we going to have?
Students are supervised during meal times, during tutorials, and “checks” are made at periodical intervals at night time. Students must attend all events, which means there is little time on their own. However, when students are not scheduled for events or trips, they are free (typically in the afternoons and on weekends) to spend time on their own or in groups, shopping or sightseeing. On the Cambridge programme, students may go to the local Coop or petrol station shop to buy snacks after dinners, but must return to college by 9:30pm each night and remain in college until the next morning!

Can I leave the college alone?
You may, as long as you sign out and sign in, thereby informing someone in charge in case of emergency or fire/evacuation.

Can my friends and family visit me while I’m in Oxford or Cambridge?
They may do so only if they are visiting during your free time. You should inform the Oxbridge Summers office. No external visitors are allowed in student staircases or corridors and bedrooms under any circumstance unless it is for drop off or pick up!

Can I see my friends and family when we go to London?
There will be very little free time outside of lunch to socialize when you are in London. Your friends and family can only meet you at the venue where the group is having lunch, and that cannot usually be determined beforehand. Please note that you may not leave your group in London under any circumstance.

Can I go to London on my own or with my friends?
That will not be possible as there is very little free time, and students may not leave Oxford or Cambridge unless it is part of the Oxbridge Summers schedule.

Is the food kosher/halal?
There is always a kosher/halal option available for dinner. Students make their own lunch arrangements.

How much money do I need weekly for food?
It depends on your eating habits. An average of five to ten pounds a day should suffice for lunch (this does not include fine dining or spending or pocket money!)

How much spending money do I need?
You should bring between 100 to 200 pounds per week if you wish to buy souvenirs and do a little shopping.  We strongly advise that students do not bring too much cash with them unless they have particular purchases to make.

What happens if I run out of money in my last few days?
The Oxbridge Summers Office can be notified and money from your deposit can be extended to you during the last two days of the programme (limit applies). A five pound charge is levied for each withdrawal.

Can I speak to a Crescent (alumnus) from a previous programme to find out more?
Of course! Please email us and we will arrange for you to speak with someone on Skype or in person if possible.